How to upload Instagram photos on PC

Last Friday, the 2nd of June, I posted this tweet in which I showed you how to upload a photo to Instagram on your PC or Mac. Since I received a lot of questions on how this was possible and how to do accomplish this, I will explain this for you in this post.

Since a few days, it is possible to upload photos to Instagram on your mobile phone without using or installing the app. Visit on your mobile phone and you’ll see that the website looks exactly the same as the app. Clicking the camera icon in the center of the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen allows you to upload a photo. But how do we do this on the pc?

Unfortunately, resizing your browser screen will not work, even after refreshing the page. To get this layout and its features on your PC, you need to change your browser’s user agent. This is very easy to do in Chrome by following the steps below.

Step 1. Open the developer menu by clicking F12 or by using the right mouse button and select Inspect Element.

Step 2. Then click the following button to open the mobile menu in Chrome. By default, it uses the responsive setting, but you can also customize it to, for example, the iPhone 6 Plus. Enabling this feature will also change the Chrome user agent. Then, refresh the page and you will see that the bottom navigation bar appears.

Step 3. Have fun! You can now upload photos to Instagram. Please note that these files should not be larger than 2 MB, otherwise it may cause problems.

Enjoy using Instagram on your PC or Mac. You no longer have to move all your holiday photos to your phone like before, just upload them directly!

Thank you for reading. Sharing this post is appreciated!

Bjarn Bronsveld Jun 8, 2017 2041 Edited on: Jun 8, 2017

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How to upload Instagram photos on PC

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