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Full name:
Bjarn A.C. Bronsveld
On request
Phone number:
On request
Date of birth:
8th of November 1998
About me

What's up!? I'm really thankful that you are willing to spend your time on reading about me. So... my name is Bjarn, a typical Dutch guy living in the glass city (explanation), born on the 8th of November 1998.

The Future
I'm someone who is very curious about what I will face in the future. Since I am addicted to work, there's nothing that can stop me. The courage to explore new things is pushing me a step forward every single time.
It is very important to me to keep improving myself and never stop learning. The world is changing everyday. And so the only way to get better at what I like to do is by learning new stuff for the rest of my life.

My First Experience
But yeah, about me... When I was in the 5th group in primary school, my teacher gave me a CD so I could install a program called Microsoft Frontpage 2003. I was only 9 years old, yes, you read that correctly. So, I rushed home and installed that program. I was able to create my own webpages by drag-and-drop images and other components into a document. It was awesome.
Since then, I kept playing with it, found some other programs like Dreamweaver and a website where you were able to create your own website online. I didn't know what FTP was, so I wasn't able to upload those webpages to the web, sadly... but that online thingy allowed me to publish stuff!
Who knows where I would be right now if my teacher never gave me that CD? Think about that...

When I finished my primary school, I moved on to the next chapter: High School. My first year on high school was awesome; new subjects, a huge building, a huge backpack that causes back pain because of the weight of the books (ok, that wasn't awesome). But after all, it was cool. I always wanted to become an IT guy, so I already knew what I wanted to do before entering high school.
Knowing that all those subjects on high school were useless for me really started to become an issue when I was in the 2nd year. I didn't like learning at all... who the hell needs to know how to say dog tax in German if you never move to Germany with a dog? Dog tax in German is called 'Hundesteuer', just so you know if you're going to move to Germany with your dog. Anyway... I dropped out of high school in the 3rd year after failing my 2nd year due to the lack of motivation.
After 4 years of high school I was able to move on to university and I started studying ICT Management, which is the study I am still doing right now, as we speak. If everything goes as planned I'll be finishing my study by June 2018.

Currently I am working on several projects and I found my own company on the 1st of July 2016 when I was 17 years of age. That company is called Realify. I'm proud to see how I have developed myself in the last several years. From a kid who was using drag-and-drop software, to a mature person (I hate being called an adult) who primarily creates Android apps. My first ever Android app currently has got over 1 million unique downloads, insane!

The End.
So... There is still a world to explore, and that's something I would really love to do. There will never be an ending for this NeverEnding Story.

Need me? Just hit me up, I will always consider your request.